Anxiety Skills Support Group for Young Adults

Fridays 5/14/21-6/18/21

Are you feeling anxious? Lonely? Isolated? Stuck? Having trouble sleeping? Worried about COVID?

Abbie Loewenstein is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in anxiety treatment based on the North Shore of Massachusetts. She is now offering a live online 6-week long skills and support group for young adults aged 18-25 who are experiencing anxiety. Each group meeting will have a theme based on anxiety management tools, including: psychoeducation on anxiety and mental health, stress and self-care assessment, relaxation skills, mindfulness/meditation, and cognitive coping strategies. Abbie will teach a new skill or concept at each group meeting, followed by facilitated group conversation amongst group members to encourage peer support.

Support groups can be a powerful and healing tool. This group offers young adults an opportunity to expand their support networks, learn from peers who experience similar challenges, and decrease mental health stigma. The group is also intended to help address some of the mental health care and peer support accessibility issues created by the pandemic.

Group meetings will take place via Google Meet on Friday afternoons for 1.5 hours (specific time of day to be determined) May 14th- June 18th. The group will need a minimum of six members to launch and will be capped at eight members. With enough interest, the group may decide to continue to meet for ongoing support during these challenging times. Group members will need to be located in Massachusetts, have reliable internet, and agree to follow the group guidelines, including confidentiality requirements.

Fees: Interested participants will receive a free 15-minute phone screening to learn more about the group and to confirm it’s a good fit for their needs. The 6-week group cost is $200 per participant, which is due at the time of signing up. *Please note: As this is a skills and support group rather than a more in-depth group that would include diagnosis and therapy, insurance is not accepted as payment. Instead, Abbie will be teaching skills for anxiety and facilitate the group to allow members to support each other.

Please reach out to Abbie with any questions or referrals at

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